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that time of year again // topical

So, I've not really been reading LJ much, but I still think of you all and value your words when I see them.

Due to my lack of reading regularly, those who haven't been posting much (like, one post in six months) likely haven't been read at all. I still think of you every now and then, and I miss you all and wish to hear from you again, but this project takes long enough as it is (6 hours this year)!

That said, Thank You:
6q, for not giving up
krissielee, for the amuseing thoughts
aine13, for the poetry (even if you don't post it so much recently)
artistic_chaos, for your unique geekness
athenamarie, for sharing the world with us
aaangyl, for the insights
blackwell, for the art
bridgeweaver, for your persistance
cheshire_monkey, for your humor
choasweasel, for making the world a better place
classicbri, for your perspective
cncrt_brunette, for keeping hope
copper9lives, for protecting life
damonakat, for your kindness
darkmoon, for rawking as much as you do
dotarvi, for understanding
drkaos, for survivng to tell the tale
eazycheeze, for coming back
edgylesjr, for sharing your immense talent
erisian_fields, for reliving the joys in life
gregory_geiger, for the love
geckoinpdx, for the laughs
gethen, for the links
gonainie, for making it there
jeffry_wynne, for the updates
jesstersmasque, for your courage
jwz, for the news
kest, for making me feel welcome
khanfused, for your encouragement to all
la_vation, for hanging in there
lotusstone, for sharing your vision
macklinr, for your thoughts
mahdi, for your opinions on teaching, even if I can't read them anymore
mamarhi, for the tales of life lived
mayzface, for sharing the joy and tears -- and the pugs.
merovingian, for expanding the world
mslulu, for helping show me how wrong I am
noisepimp, for being so damned active
noodlboy, for being a friend to those in need
pain_proof_vest, for living, growing, and writing about it all
pleckos, for remaining true to yourself
plucky, for holding on to those you care about
regnstorm, for being there, in spirit at least
samsamsamantha, for sharing the good life
scottbateman, for the laughs
serenica69, for the lessons
sinboy, for the news
spasmsproject, for not stopping
spindry, for starting back up
the_misha, for shining like you do
tiggrrl, for loving as you do
tobin, for the advice
tragerstreit, for lightening up lj a bit
tyrsalvia, for the links
untoward, for your words, there's just something about them
urbeatle, for creating
vampyrecat, for caring for your familly
voidheart, for your introspection
yozhik, for the warnings

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Tags: topical

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