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So, vacation, yeah. Not used to this all that much. But I'm enjoying it. :)

Monday I went cruising around the El Dorado area. Took the 50 to Apple Hill, then headed down the 49 to Diamond Springs and went out a bit further to somewhere I'm still not sure what the town is. :) It's the Fairplay area, though, I know that much. Took the 88 back up through Nevada to the 207 up to Lake Tahoe and back on the 50 again to get home. Nice little ride, with some great picture opportunities along the way. Nice mountains, lakes, and generally my kind of terrain.

Went up to Shasta/Whiskeytown/Trinity lake area Wednesday and Thursday, sleeping over at a free campground a few miles northwest of Trinity lake. Took some pictures, walked around a bit, generally had a glorious time of it. The night sky up there is amazing. No lights anywhere nearby; no streetlights, no campfires, no campground lights, nothing. The night was *SO* DARK! Even after my eyes had adjusted for a good deal of minutes, I could still almost not see 6' in front of me. This is the kind of night early humans must have known when they huddled together for warmth and safety. Pitch black with odd noises coming from all around. I loved it. :) 'Course, once the moon rose there was a bit of light to get around by, but for a while there, between the sun setting and the moon rising, there was true darkness. The sky was filled with an unbelievable number of stars! Such a beautiful night sky. One of the things we give up when we live in cities. It's good to be reminded every now and then that they're still out there.

Trinity lake was nice. I liked walking around in the muck on the north shore of it. Brushing by the trees, hearing the ducks and geese on the water. Soaking in the majesty of the mountains on all sides of me. Again, my kind of terrain. :)

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