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learn something new every day // political linkage

So, I've been wondering, in these grand joyous times, if there were some way to effectively keep an eye on our federal representatives (and the more local ones, as well, but that's another topic). Enter this new little option I've just now figured exists on a website I've known of for a while. The site is govtrack.us and while I can't say for them being unbiased (let's face it, everyone has some bias somewhere) I can say that it doesn't seem overly slanted. I've known for a while that they can be handy for following bills and reading what's going on, but for some reason I never noticed that they have an automatic tracking system. I've signed up for them and now it'll email me whenever any legislation on various topics gets acted on, or whenever any of my reps say or do anything (votes, speaches, whatever). Also, since I've defined some tracking prefs I can now go looking through the history for those settings. I can read transcripts of the debates on various bills that I would have liked to have known about a few weeks ago, and I can see how votes have gone in the past (good news, my reps aren't being too bad (least not recently) / bad news, my reps are in the minority).

knowing the current debate is the first step towards getting more involved.

(added bonus: when talking-head puppets at the water cooler start yammering on about some bill, you can pipe up with "well, I've read the actual bill and what it really says is...")
Tags: linkage, politics

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