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too much fun // photos - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 25.Sep.2006

19:22 - too much fun // photos

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so I was talking with someone about digital photography workflow, and I was informed of a recent addition to the 'standard' workflow since I started. They now have programs that will take in your raw file, let you do some basic adjustments on that file, and the adjustments are non-destructive! When the program saves the edits, they are made in a second file, so you can always revert back to the original later without worry! Crazy!

So yeah, I'm a little behind the times on this front.

Anyway, playing with Lightroom beta4 now. It supports the raw output from my camera, and is smart enough to understand Raw+JPG shooting mode (which, oddly enough, the software what came with my camera seems confuzzled by). It has a nice selection of basic image adjustment tools (colour correction, exposure compensation, crop/rotate, shadow/highlight recovery, etc...) and supports a very 'natural' photography workflow. I must say, it's a nice one to use. I might have to go out and purchase this once it becomes final.



Date:4:13 26.Sep.2006 (UTC)
Your photo is gorgeous. Night shots like this really make me want a new camera. Mine is really cheap and doesn't have any variable exposure settings, so I can't take any photos in the dark. Sigh.
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Date:15:45 26.Sep.2006 (UTC)
glad you like it, I'm thinking this one I might be able to sell after a little more touching-up (there are some questionable areas that you can't see scaled down like this, but will show up on a print).

You know, a lack of controll over the exposure might yet work for you to take such a picture. Your camera will meter the night and say it wants to do an atrociously long exposure. Just set it on a tripod (or propped on rocks if you haven't a tripod handy -- I've done such before and it works fine) and hit the shutter and let it sit as long as it pleases. You'll get an over-bright shot out of it, but then in post you can push it back to the dark where you want it. You'll end up with more streak-ish stars than I got here, but that can actually be nice sometimes. If anything, actually, you will may find you wind up with a few more stars than I did, as you'll be exposing longer.
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Date:2:33 27.Sep.2006 (UTC)
Nah, it's a cheap *digital* camera, and just won't bother with the shot. It doesn't change its exposure. It's stupid. :) Did I mention it was really cheap?
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