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so I was talking with someone about digital photography workflow, and I was informed of a recent addition to the 'standard' workflow since I started. They now have programs that will take in your raw file, let you do some basic adjustments on that file, and the adjustments are non-destructive! When the program saves the edits, they are made in a second file, so you can always revert back to the original later without worry! Crazy!

So yeah, I'm a little behind the times on this front.

Anyway, playing with Lightroom beta4 now. It supports the raw output from my camera, and is smart enough to understand Raw+JPG shooting mode (which, oddly enough, the software what came with my camera seems confuzzled by). It has a nice selection of basic image adjustment tools (colour correction, exposure compensation, crop/rotate, shadow/highlight recovery, etc...) and supports a very 'natural' photography workflow. I must say, it's a nice one to use. I might have to go out and purchase this once it becomes final.

Tags: photos

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