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amazing - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 02.Jul.2002

8:02 - amazing

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Every now and then I like to check the stats for my web page, just to see it there is anyone actually visiting it, and today I decided to check the "referring URL's" page for one of the more busy days.

Lo and behold, all those bytes came from someone posting one of my pictures as though it were theirs on some bulletin board somewhere!

crazy. I'm obviously going to have to do something about making my page more dynamic, perhaps with some random directory names or somesuch so that it is impossible for wankers like this twit to do this stuff. Though I must admit, it's pretty cool that someone liked my picture enough to show it to their friends. :)

http://www.omf.com/html/ubb/Forum1/HTML/005838.html is the URL of the board where it was posted. About half-way down you'll see a picture of 5 shriners (do a search in the page on "shriners" and his post is the first occurance) riding a bike. that's mine, not his. He even linked to it directly and not give any credit or anything.


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Date:8:59 02.Jul.2002 (UTC)


I hate when people >>censored<< do that >>censored<< ..
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Date:10:41 02.Jul.2002 (UTC)
I have the basics down on making JPGs "timing out", using PHP and the GD library, but you'd have to PHP any page that would call it.
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Date:10:51 02.Jul.2002 (UTC)
I've been giving serious thought to moving my entire site to php, so this would be good incentive to push that move further.
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