Lograh (lograh) wrote,

This is just sick!

So, I guess one benefit of being on so many bloody mailing lists is that I get to see all the happy fun junk mail floating around.

I get letters from people in small pacific islands asking for help in moving $2 billion out of their country.

I get offers for free software/radios/TVs/cars/you-name-it.

I am so special, I even get no less than 4 credit card offers each and every day!

In all that junk mail (praise be to all that is good and great for the miracle of filters!), nothing has ever prepared me for the simple sickness encapsulated in the email I got yesterday.

From: rape@yahoo.com
Subject: Fresh RAPE porn !

thank goodness it was an HTML email and I have my mail reader set to not display HTML messages (too big a security risk). I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what the body of it said. Now, I realize that this is likely just your average pr0n, but the lady is acting like she doesn't want it and screaming and all (like the "teen" pr0n where it is actually an over-18 chick who just happens to look young) -- but just the acting alone would probably be realistic enough to simply turn my stomache. Hell, *THINKING* about it is making me sick.

In all this, though, I must admit that I support them in their endeavor. I am a staunch believer in freedom of speech, and I feel that as long as there is no *actual* rape being committed and it is all just an act then it is okay to act like that and tape it. I have the option to not read that email, and to not purchase their product. Much though it disgusts me, I will never call for it being banned or otherwise prohibited.

Now, if there were actual rape being committed and they filmed it and are trying to sell it to all the sick fucks out there who actually get a rise off that stuff, I'll be the first in line to take these bastards and personally cut many fine lines into their skin with a scalpal and then procede to pour salt (mixed with lemon juice, yum!) into the wounds so inflicted.

That's where the line is. It is a small, fine line, but it is there. Act out whatever fantasy you wish, tape it if that is your thing and sell it if someone's buying. Just make sure that it is only an act -- make-belive, and not real. As long as no one is hurt from it (we have to get fuzzy with the term "hurt" when BDSM is involved), have a blast. I don't have to watch and I'm perfectly fine with and capable of turning my head the other way.

Someone may disagree, and that's fine. That's one of the beauties of being able to think and speak for yourself. If you wish to have a discussion about it, I'm game. Those are just my thoughts on the matter and (unlike religion) they are open for debate.

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