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this is too much // short rant - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 21.Jul.2006

11:15 - this is too much // short rant

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I'm sorry, but people have officially gone too far. I just read a news report of a horrible event in Missouri that was so tragic the National Guard had to be called in to help in emergency evacuation efforts. The catastrophic event that prompted such urgent action from the state government? A storm took down power lines and forced some folks to go without air-conditioning. Not the storm itself, not the debris or other damage that was caused. And not even any other aspects of being without power were mentioned. They national guard was ordered in to evacuate people to buildings with emergency air-conditioning.

air conditioning.

people have officially lost it. This is just pure fucking insanity, plain and simple.

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Date:18:32 21.Jul.2006 (UTC)
Missouri is both hot AND humid. And buildings, especially those used as workplaces, are no longer designed to be bearable without air conditioning. That makes those conditions potentially fatal.

There was a good article somewhere about how our reliance on air conditioning, even more so than our reliance on cars, has redesigned american society and makes us especially vulnerable to the coming energy crisis. We need to start designing buildings (AGAIN) so that they can be kept tolerable using only ceiling fans and natural ventillation, and businesses need to return to seasonal practices instead of rigid work schedules that don't respect the weather.
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Date:19:01 21.Jul.2006 (UTC)
As previously mentioned, because of the humidity, Missouri even in just the high 90 degree weather, is unbearable and deadly without air conditioning (especially for the elderly who can't necessarily get themselves to better conditions.) The temperature doesn't drop much at night like it does here, so you can't just open a window and cool the house off when the sun goes down. It just goes on and on. This is a comparable situation to if the heating were to go out in the middle of winter with temperatures way below freezing. It is a dangerous situation, not just uncomfortable.
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Date:3:19 22.Jul.2006 (UTC)
A woman died of heat is Sacramento a few years back when the bus didn't come and she tried to walk home.
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