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Printer troubleshooting // mobloging - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 13.Jun.2006

13:13 - Printer troubleshooting // mobloging

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Printer troubleshooting // mobloging
Originally uploaded by lograh.



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Date:20:26 13.Jun.2006 (UTC)
If only you knew how often I have wanted to do that (or whack the hell out of it with a baseball bat). Of course, not my current printer. No. My former IT person set us up nicely. =D

Oh, and did you chop your hair? As the elevator doors were closing in the Union the other day, I could have sworn I saw you go by. Alas, I was too delayed to run out and tackle you.
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Date:20:59 13.Jun.2006 (UTC)
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Date:1:01 14.Jun.2006 (UTC)

I love it!

Reminds me of Office Space.

Now thats FLARE!
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