Lograh (lograh) wrote,

a moving performance // movie review

So, last night after I got home with a few boxes from the old place, I decided to watch a movie. I grabbed my drink and sat down to finally get around to cracking open the copy of schindler's list I had picked up some time ago but had till now not quite gotten around to seeing. I must say, I was rather moved by it. It is a beautiful movie, very strong storytelling put together with great skill by a masterful cinematographer. The performances are very well delivered by the actors, who took every opportunity to reach in to my heart and yank it around ever so gently.

Yup, this movie is one I'm rather happy to have finally gotten around to seeing -- it's a bummer I didn't catch it in the theatres when it came out.

Highly recommended for anyone who likes thoughtful, touching movies.
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