Lograh (lograh) wrote,

dusting off the keyboard // meta

so I go and check my infopage and I see two new names there. Welcome, both of you, to my little corner of the lj scene. Here you'll find my random rantings, bitchings, and occasional snide remarks -- rest assured none of it is actual substantive content. I'm honored that you thought this worthwhile enough to read, though I must admit it makes me question your sanity. :)

so I've started and canceled about 4 entries the past week -- this isn't counting the multitude of thoughts I've contemplated posting but never bothered to even start. I'm feeling that I'll want to start posting more frequently shortly (probably in another month, maybe tomorrow) but I'm stuck with contemplations on just what it is I want from this. What it has been in the past has worked, somewhat. but I don't know..

What am I saying with this? I haven't the foggiest.
Tags: meta
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