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ahh, the joys // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 08.Apr.2006

19:45 - ahh, the joys // life

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I went on a bike ride today, was nice.

The real joy, though, is that afterwards I was able to just take a quick shower and I casually wandered on over to Sushi (6 blocks). After that I drunkenly wandered around a bit and dropped by an art gallery (7 blocks with some tipsy zig-zagging) to take in their Second Saturday (I never knew they had a webpage for it) offerings. Now I'm relaxing back at home (another 4 blocks), still buzzed. I'm really diggin' this whole "living downtown" thang. *everything* is within walking distance -- and I mean *EASY* walking distance. :)

I need to swing by Ikea tomorrow, though.


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Date:16:09 10.Apr.2006 (UTC)


its a crazy great feeling eh?
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Date:7:21 11.Apr.2006 (UTC)
You moved? That's cool! Downtown is always good in any city :)
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