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slight change // update, as it were - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 13.Mar.2006

10:29 - slight change // update, as it were

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hair has been trimmed again. this happens every 2 or 3 years (or so).
haven't had dinner for 'bout a week now. accidentally skipped breakfast saturday also (slept in). Feel much better in the mornings now and seem to have more energy at night (odd though that seems). Sleeping much better, on average.
haven't read LJ friends page for over a month, only randomly (and quite infrequently) reading pages of specific people. this shall continue for likely a few more months at least.
looking to move shortly, am applying to places.
work is busyish, though not too much.
feeling very non-social of late.
not dead yet (though grammar seems to have taken a hit).


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Date:1:58 14.Mar.2006 (UTC)
Laura mentioned you cut your hair... I just can't imagine it...

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Date:3:48 14.Mar.2006 (UTC)
You could come to the dark side and move into an apartment here... Though you may want something nicer like a house.
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Date:17:30 14.Mar.2006 (UTC)
hair has been trimmed again

You, sir, are skilled at deceptively subtle language, grammar death not withstanding.
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