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busy day at work // memeage

1 MINUTE AGO: read someone else's answers to this
1 HOUR AGO: actually doing a job with a user
1 DAY AGO: working on a project I really ought to get back to and finish up
1 YEAR AGO: stressed about classes about to start (this semester is a lighter load)
I NEED: nothing
I KNOW: very little
I THINK: as rarely as possible

First piercing: two months ago
First credit card: student credit card in 1997 (still have/use it!)
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Paul Simon
Last big car ride: Seattle, WA last month
Last movie seen in theaters: Memoirs of a Geisha
Last food consumed: day-after refridged pizza
Last person you texted/called: serenica69
Last CD played: Tal Consort
Last drink drank: Mountain Dew
Last time scolded: it's been a good morning so far, so likely yesterday
I AM: myself
I HAVE: too much stuff, anyone want a book?
I LIKE: breathing
I WISH: I could understand my thoughts
I WONDER: ... I wa-wa-wa-wa-wonder.. why.. why-why-why-why-why...
I DANCE: like nobody is watching
I SING: at random, or if I like the song I'm hearing.
I CRY: when I feel like it.
I AM ALWAYS: and never.
I WON'T: unless you ask nicely . . . and if I like you. :)

NUMBER(s): phi
COLOR: that one shade of deep purple, or blue, or it could be almost black in the right light, but nope it's definately blue, but there is a purple tint to it, .... yeah, that one.
DAY(S): ones that end in y
MONTH: December
SEASON: Winter..
Drink: Kawphy

CRIED?: no
HELPED SOMEONE?: yes, it's my job. outside of work, not so much.
SAID 'i love you'?: nope. not in some time, in fact.
WRITTEN A REAL LETTER: sadly, no. I do need to change that.
TALKED TO AN EX?: yup, just last night (firming up plans for tonight).
WRITTEN IN A DIARY?: nope (LJ doesn't count as my diary).

1. male friend: I don't rate my friends that harshly
2. female friend: same as above
3. Vacation: munich
4. best age: 30, so far it's kicking ass over the twenties.
5. memory: is very comforting
6. boyfriend or girlfriend: they were each important to me for various reasons

1. Time of day: when I'm awake.
2. Day of the week: only the ones ending in y.
3. Food: that which makes me ill.
4. Memory: is very comforting
5. Boyfriend or girlfriend: they each had their faults

1. Person u saw: student assistant
2. Talk on the phone: user
3. Hugged: jesstersmasque, I think
4. Text Messaged: roommate

1. Kiss: probably mom or dad, but ignoring familly... probably high school
2. Serious b/f or g/f: ktbee
3. Car: 81 toyota 2wd pickup
4. Job: temp jobs
5. Love: depends on definition

1. What are you doing now: work . . . busy day :)
2. Tonight: teaching chess
3. Wearing: loud shirt (and other, less notable work clothing)
4. What did you eat for lunch: cold pizza

1. Is: not.
2. Got any plans: sleep
3. Goal: sleep
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: chances are good I'll wake up at some point
5. Do you have work: yup

1. Number: didn't I already answer this one?
2: Song: there are many that speak to me on various occasions
3. Color: I swear I answered this before....
4. Season: hrmm.. another repeat..
5. State: uncertainty.

1. Are you in love? depends on definition
2. Missing someone: yes, most certainly. more than I thought possible.
3. Mood: meh.
4. Wanting: yes
Tags: about me, memeage

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