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yup, I'm a big ol' geek. // random - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 06.Jan.2006

9:30 - yup, I'm a big ol' geek. // random

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I just spent the last hour and a half being thoroughly absorbed in reading on the etymology and orthography surrounding various words. Only reason I'm tearing myself away from it now is that I actually have a little bit of work to do, but I'll be back.

Did you know the 'ac' in acquire comes from an 'ad', but the 'd' turns into a 'c' when put in front of a 'q'? woah! I also never knew "founder" was a verb. I only knew the noun usage of it. Go public education system! :)

I blame this page, and a not insignificant application of this plugin. :)


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Date:0:50 07.Jan.2006 (UTC)
er, yeah.. That would be the accepted meaning of the odd punctuation at the end of my sentance. that's why I used it. I don't fault any of my teachers for my lack of interest in learning about the language during my younger years, and you should know that. I'm sorry you think so little of me that my comments (complete with smiley to convey a more light-heared sense of my statement) would be misread in such a way as to upset you.

There is much wrong with the educational system in use in our society today, but disinterested students failing to learn something from a teacher they are ignoring is not it.
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