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So then. As I beleive I may have mentioned here before (or may not, I'm too lazy to be arsed to check), I've become somewhat interested in learning an appreciation for, if not an actual enjoyment of, wine. Part of this is going to be me just trying different wines with various foods (or on their own), and part will be active seeking out of knowledge.. I've decided to take a wine appreciation class that's offered by the wine guy at Corti's (he knows his shiznit) that's comming up in a few weeks, but that's then. This is now.

Tonight I had a simple dish of buttered pasta (fetuccini, I think?) with herbs. Nothing much or fancy, as my dinners tend to be (if I have dinner at all -- I go without about half my evenings), but enough to get a wine recommendation from. The wine he led me to based on that info is a 2003 Pinot Grigio. The label is Alois Lageder, I think. Or perhaps that's just this vineyard's name for this wine? It's kinda hard to read these labels sometimes. There's an info panel on the back, though. It says the vineyard is Benefizium Porer, that much I can make out.

It's an okay wine. It didn't turn my stomache like I remember my past wine experiances doing, so I suppose that's a good thing. It did go down a lot better once I had eaten some of the pasta (I tried a little of the wine before eating), and proceded to blend well through the meal. I'm still getting used to wine, so most of what I noticed was the "sour grapes" aspect of wine.. It was somewhat sharp, or crisp. Very potent aroma that hung around in the nose well after sniffing.. It has an aftertaste that I kind of like.. Hard to describe well, partly I'm sure due to my not having a lot of wines to compare it with. It went down easy, though. Nice and smoothe, not biting or cutting. Just a quick flavor and crisp finish. Not likely a wine I'd drink on its own, as it goes much better with food. There's also a bit of a settling that it's doing in my stomache that I'm not entirely fond of, but it isn't going to cause any problems.

edit: minor typo corrected
Tags: gastronomy, viticulturation

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