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un-freakin-believeable // tech life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 30.Dec.2005

14:41 - un-freakin-believeable // tech life

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my cell phone's battery used to be pretty reliable. now, over the course of this week, it's life has dropped DRASTICLY! I charged it full last night, it was full this morning. I go to leave the house this morning and it's down to 2/3 charge (9ish). I check it at 1ish and it's down to critcally low, so I turn the phone off in hopes I'll be able to turn it back on (sometimes the battery has more charge than is indicated). it now won't even turn on, like the battery is flat-out dead.

Okay, I was using the phone rather extensively on my trip. I relied on it for net usage with the laptop (probably still could do that, as it's usb-powered), I did mobloging with it, I checked my email sometimes using it (it has email capabilities), and I did some travel-map updating with it (it also has basic web-abilities). And now it can't last 8 hours on a full charge? From being able to go almost a week left on not a month ago!? SOMETHING is very wrong here. I'm thinking a short, but nothing's happened to it during the trip. grrr.. I wonder if I'm paying for cell phone insurance, and if so would that cover the battery? time to go give the local cell company store a visit, methinks.

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Date:23:34 30.Dec.2005 (UTC)
Okay, so rather than respond to all of your posts, I thought I'd just comment on one.

It appears you get the award for "not-so-good" luck right about now. I'm so sorry to hear about 1) the windshield; 2) the cell phone; 3) the lady (especially this one although I won't get into the 'why?' here). And while I will refrain from wishing you belated "cheers," I do hope that this upcoming year provides you with much joy and contentment (and time to fully explore your artistic talents).

Thank you for keeping us posted as you go. I'll try to send positive thoughts your way in the hopes that your interactions (with things other than people) improve tremendously.
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