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this could be bad // car roadtripping - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 29.Dec.2005

20:32 - this could be bad // car roadtripping

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So yeah, on the way home today (under 12 hours from seattle to sacramento, my car was off with the garage closed at 7:22pm) a rock hit my windshield, and now there's a little crack in it.. I'm going to try to repair it, but if it doesn't come out well enough, I'm not so sure about the rest of my trip.. Reason is, windshield cracks will grow a lot when the weather outside is cold, and you have your car heater on. It's likely to be freezing up in the northeast where I'm headed.. this could be a problem.

we'll see..


Date:8:55 30.Dec.2005 (UTC)
That's awesome! Traffic must not have been too bad. :)

I'm glad you made it home safe. I'm sorry to hear about your windshield. I had that happen to me in my prior car, and my insurance company paid to have it replaced. It was done quickly, too. It can't hurt to see if they cover that kind of thing.

Good luck with that!
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Date:9:37 30.Dec.2005 (UTC)
Indeed. If it's a chip, they'll pay to have it repaired, and you can get those guys that come out to your house and do it right there and they do a pretty good job. I have utilized the services of Ben David's Glass Repair and been very pleased with the results. The guy will work with you to get it billed properly so it shouldn't cost you anything. If you need the windshield replaced, because it is really cracked, then I don't know as much about that. But I believe you can still get it done pretty fast and billed to your insurance. Though, it might be a bit tougher on a holiday weekend.

Good luck! And it was really great seeing you!
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Date:10:30 30.Dec.2005 (UTC)
Similar happened to Micah's car back in summer of 2004, when we went on the week-long beach vacation. He had to be running back and forth from Sac to Dillon Beach because he couldn't get out of work. The termepature difference weakened his rear windshield, and it all up and shattered on him a few days after the trip -- possible because of some light tap.

So, yeah, don't underestimate temperature effects on weakened windshields. Good luck with getting it taken care of and everything.
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