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where to start?

Well, Sunday's bike ride was nice. We went 17 miles (roughtly). The highlights consisting of getting our feet wet in the American River, _DAMN_ cold water on a blistering hot day (today is forecasted to be a high of 99(F), and I don't think yesterday was much cooler), me taking a minor spill at the bottom of a steep slope (isn't it odd how scrapes look worse when they are healing than when they are first made?), and us all getting some alcohol at TGIFriday's on the way back. The ride was nice and early so we actually managed to miss some (but not enough) of the heat of the day, the company was cheerful and enjoyable, we saw a good number of really cute lady bikers, and just generally had a nice time of it.

I then went to a birthday party halfway through which I wound up being bartender because the host makes weak drinks and I'm a little more willing to experiment (with nice results that time).

Went to sleep early, and woke up quite often through the night because I was trying to find a balance between a comfortable position to sleep in and a position that didn't rub my wounds against my bedsheet/blanket (thus causing massive pain).

I wake up today and discover I'm a bit late and after getting ready I didn't have time to ride to work today (likely a good thing, as I really don't feel in the mood for it) but I did bring the bike to work on Public Transportation with me, so I can force myself to (grudgingly) ride home. This because at that party I went to I weighed myself on the host's bathroom scale and discovered that I have lost *0* pounds since I started being more active. grrr. So today I'll ride home from work, and hopefully the knowledge that I'm not loosing weight yet will be enough to get me riding every day, instead of 2 or 3 days out of the week.

On the way in, I noticed the headline for the local paper was "No State Budget Yet" (living in the state capitol, it's kinda big news here). gah. It never ceases to amaze me how we elect these people, and they only have 2 parts to their job, so far as I can tell: 1) if a situation arises that requires a new law, pass one. 2) Pass the budget on time. Now, my job has 4 written parts to it, and one of them is "if it involves a computer, help us with it" (okay, so that's not an exact quote, but that's what it workes out to be in real life), yet I still manage to get things done on time. How is it that these people can sit around for a whole year, knowing that they need to pass a budget by next year, and they essentially have an entire year to do it in, and they _STILL_ can't manage to accomplish that task on time?!

But wait, there's more!

A court here recently ruled that if a budget isn't passed on time, state workers (like me) will only get minimum wage instead of our normal pay until such time as a budget is passed. So, now we see that because these dips can't agree on who's region gets more pork-belly projects than someone else's, all the state government employees have to suffer the joys of getting paid far less than they normally do yet they still have to perform their full jobs. This ruling is of course being appealed, but prospects do not look good. Additionally, while this ruling doesn't actually to into effect untill the 15th, it doesn't look like the legislature will pass the budget by then (they've been stalled for the past few months). Plus, there has been no mention of back-pay for us as soon as the budget is passed, so it's starting to sound more and more like this job could rather quickly become both the most and least I've ever been paid for work in my life.

That reminds me, at the above mentioned party, this topic (minimum wage if no budget) comes up and someone mouths off with "Good, they'll finally be paid what they are worth." I simply try a meager, "Some of us actually do work a lot, thank you" in responce, and the topic is left at that, but then no more than half an hour later this same person is asking me for advice! First he insults me by claiming I don't earn my pay (which is allready significantly less than this position pays in private sector work), then he asks me for help with computer problems he is having. I considered offering to help him if he'll pay me for it (at an exorbitant rate, you simply don't insult someone and then ask them for help like that), but chose instead to take the less confrontational method and gave him the most useless advice I could think up, phrased in the most vague and unhelpful manner I could manage. I think I said the equivalent of "yup, sounds like there is something wrong and you may want to fix it." Only I think I managed to coat it in enough technical language and fancy terms that it's unlikely he realized what I really said (he probably didn't understand half the terms I used anyway).

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