Lograh (lograh) wrote,

day one // roadtrip

first off, let me just say: while this cell modem thing is handy -- being able to get online damn near anywhere and all -- it's *SLOW*! dialup-ish? maybe slower? yeah, not something I'll spend a lot of time on.

Anyway, today. Had planned to drop by the AAA office and start the paperwork for filing the accident claim, but they were closed. Not particularly feeling it at this point so I'll probably phone it in tomorrowish (or just wait till I'm back in town Friday and walk it in then -- I'll have to go there to pay them anyway, so I could just combine the trips). So yeah, between that and my slacktackular morning, I managed to get on the road by about 10:30ish.

First stop was Cal's Books and Things. Thank you, noisepimp for the recommendation, that truly is an amazing used bookstore. One of the best. I spent almost an hour in there alone, and that was hurrying myself and skipping entire sections. I could easilly loose a day in that place.
After that was Bogbean Books and Music, which I wasn't particularly taken by (though it could have been since I was hurried after spending so much time in Cal's), and a quick lunch at Dambuger before I was back on the road north.

After that, I stopped once at a rest stop to watch the fog milling about the mountains. It was amazing. There was a slight purple tint to the sky from the sunset, I don't know how it got that colour but sure enough you could see the colours red, orange, and purple all comming through between the peaks. The gray-white wisps of fog clung to the trees along the edge of the mountain, draped like a light covering gently resting there. It was broken in some places, gaps in the fog where you could see the dark trees beneath, and it only stretched for a short span of the mountain's height. So the tips of the mountains were set starkly against the clear dark blue sky, and the lower parts poking out from beneath the fog were clearly visible from where I stood. I just stood there, quietly listening to the stream run by below the edge I was at, watching the wind play with the edges of the fog, bringing some clouds over the edge of the mountain as well, while the sunlight dimmed further.
I love the mountains. Just about any mountains, there's just something about them that feels so peaceful to me. I feel more at home in mountains than anywhere else, don't know why.

So ja, after that I drove straight on through, stopping for gas in Cottage Grove and then stopping for the night here at Crossland Economy Studios. Nice little hotel room, this. Even has a mini-kitchen-thing! But I'm tired from all the driving, and have to get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow (check-out is 11), so I'm off to bed.

If anyone in the Portland area wants to do anything tomorrow or Monday, let me know. I'll be leaving the Portland area Monday afternoon, heading for Seattle, so I have an open schedule till then.
Tags: roadtripping

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