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*smile* // life

I remember seeing her walk through the door. I was sitting where I could watch it, having discerned that she had not yet arrived. I was glancing through the new SN&R for the comics (I love red meat), and trying to keep glancing at the door out the corner of my eye. I see her walk in, and my first thought was, "hrmm, very nice..". Then she looks at me, and is saying something. No, she's just mouthing it. Waitaminute, she's mouthing my name. Woah, that's *her*?! To say the pictures did not do her justice would be an understatement.

I think the first date went well. certainly better than I had expected. I know I had a great time, I can only hope she did as well.

edit: mental typo fixed
Tags: dating?, life

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