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woohoo! // tech roadtrip - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 21.Dec.2005

11:27 - woohoo! // tech roadtrip

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finally got the basic functionality of the phoogle class working. I can now have a basic map of my roadtrip progress and locations I've been to online. I'm working on a web-based interface to it (at the moment I have to alter the code to update the locations) and hope to have something working before the end of tomorrow.

I might in fact be putting a map in my userinfo here, otherwise I'll just put a link to the page.


Date:21:37 21.Dec.2005 (UTC)
that's very cool! When are you leaving?
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Date:21:44 21.Dec.2005 (UTC)
looking at leaving 'round Friday afternoon.
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Date:22:46 21.Dec.2005 (UTC)
That should be fun! I look forward to reading your journal as you travel around!
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