Lograh (lograh) wrote,

checklist // roadtrip

productive day today. Got my driver's license renewed (it expired at the end of this month otherwise -- woulda made the roadtrip somewhat difficult), got jumper cables and tire pressure gague for the car, and got snow cables (can't use chains, these are just as good) and practiced putting them on. These cables I picked up are *very* easy to apply! It took about two or three minutes in the garage to put one on, so I figure it shouldn't be too bad trying to do this on the side of a highway in the snow/rain and wind. :)

still to get:
ice scraper
non-perishable food (vegitarian driving through southern states in rural areas, I'll have backup food in the car)
spare tire (I have a mini-spare that came with the car, but I'm thinking a full-size spare would be a wise decision).
maps/listings of hostels along the route (cheaper than most motels)

got the laptop configured to use the cellphone for net access in a pinch. still need to actually *pack* anything for the trip, but that shouldn't take too long.

found out today that Friday is expected to be a half-day, so I'll have friday afternoon to either get an early start on the 5-north part, or do any last-minute shopping for supplies (avidly avoiding anywhere christmas shoppers will be, though).

any ideas of stuff I might be forgetting? Anyone want anything specific from Sacramento (or somewhere along my route to you) I could bring with me for you? I'm offering to play delivery service (y'all are being nice enough to let me under your roof, it's the least I can do).
Tags: car, consumerism, planning, roadtripping

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