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why yes, I am a fan of sloth // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 17.Dec.2005

13:55 - why yes, I am a fan of sloth // life

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so I'm laying here in bed, about 4' from the window (I'd have to sit up to get to it). I think I hear something, could be wind or could be rain. Rather than sit up to move the blinds (and thus check on it) I just open another tab and check the weather online.

I am so damn lazy.



Date:23:05 17.Dec.2005 (UTC)
I have very mixed feelings about technology and the internet.

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Date:3:49 18.Dec.2005 (UTC)
oh yes, I totally agree. I think it's both incredibly sad and yet silly that I was able to use der 'Net to more easilly check the local weather than actually look out the flippin' window. I also think it's rather upsetting how technology has been made in such a way that it encourages sloth, but this is understanding when you consider the people that are making the technology.
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Date:18:32 18.Dec.2005 (UTC)

i love you

you lazy son of a bitch! :-p
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