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woah, sweet! // tech life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 14.Dec.2005

17:01 - woah, sweet! // tech life

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so I'm sitting here on the campus wireless and I pop up iTunes, only to find 6 other people are on the wireless with their librarys shared. I'm all, d00d!

One of them has the Totoro 2-disc soundtrack, this fscking rawks!



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Date:0:45 17.Dec.2005 (UTC)


you are going to totallyshare, right?
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Date:4:18 18.Dec.2005 (UTC)

Re: dude

even with bulk leaching from them, I only got 2.7GB out of it. hardly worth the effort, except for the few rarer gems.

lemme get all this consolidated and organized and then we'll talk. as it is I can't find anything in my collection.
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