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because memes are good for you // memage

the year in review: first line from first public post of each month (excluding memes)
Jan:yes, more gazebolog crap out of me. feel free to skip.
Feb: fetuccini
Mar:Everclear190 is a wonderfully effecient booze.
Apr:Rush hour commuting can be such a pain sometimes. ;)
May:sneaking down the hall, quickly turning 'round the corner, hiding in the shadows, it suddenly leaps out at me when I least expect it:
Jun:I'm beginning to understand what it feels like for all the people purchasing computers who have no clue.
Jul:so, now that O'Connor has retired, and Rehnquist is expected to go any day now, we're getting two noms from Dubbya. great.
Aug:so yeah, we've got a virus-scanning program we use at work, and it's standard procedure to have it set to automatically update itself every day.
Sep:this entry is being posted from a naked flash drive.
Oct:so ja, I go and get all that wood, take time to cut, measure and align (not in that order), start screwing it all together and the wood starts splitting.
Nov:okay, so I'm not intoxicated at the moment, but I will be tomorrow night!
Dec:I'm so happy that firefox 1.5 finally came out.
Tags: memeage

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