Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I *heart* n00bs // pompus techie assness

yeah, I just love the way these kids come in and try to rattle off all sorts of certs they have like I give a damn.

We were talking about some ideas on how we can modify our server arrangement and he buts in with some crazy idea that has *no* chance of working for our situation. We tell him what we're doing and why it won't work and he starts flying off with some other ideas he's thinking. Reasonable ideas in their own right, mind you, but not applicable to our situation. Then he's thinking how perhaps he could build a company out of these ideas, saying how he's done computers for so long and he knows oh-so-much about them, blah blah blah, alphabet soup of worthless bullshit certifications, blah blah blah..

Man, to think I was (and to some degree, I will admit, I still am) that bad (but I'm trying to get better at it). butting in on other people's conversations and openly offering how great I am and why they should listen to my ideas... it's a miracle anyone still associates with me.

hapilly I managed to keep my response to his litany of "bow before me" was a beautifully condescending "oh, that's nice". damn kid thinks because he and his friend managed to use liquid nitro to overclock their athalon computer he suddenly is a computer whiz. Don't get me wrong, some of his ideas had merit, just not in our situation. And after I explained to him the constraints we are working under and he still offers ideas that go outside those constraints, I'm going to tend not to listen. That, and when a person tries to use some random certification as some sort of proof why I should listen to him, that just looses tons of credibility.

in any field, it is important to use proper language and behaviour when speaking with people who have been working in that field longer than you have been alive. You can think that your ideas are good ones, and they might be, but it's usually considered inappropriate to claim or imply more knowledge than aforementioned people.

sorry, just had to rant.
Tags: observances, other people, rant, tech

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