Lograh (lograh) wrote,

time to reinstall // tablet

so we finally got the ISOs for WinXP tablet at work (our central software people are slow) and now I get to finally wipe off the stupid gateway load that this system came with (and is the only thing I can restore to since companies no longer give out CDs for the OS) and build up a proper tablet load on it. Interesting thing is, turns out that, while WinXP Home and Pro are two different CDs, the Tablet VLK starts out as a normal WinXP Pro CD, just with a different code, and when you type in the code the installer is supposed to ask for the Disc2, which is the specialized Tablet resources.. odd, that.

long as it works, I'll be happy to have a nice clean system tomorrow. this thing feels infected, seeing all that specialized crap Gateway shoves up yer ass with their load. I hate OEMs.
Tags: rant, tablet computing, tech

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