Lograh (lograh) wrote,

that'll teach me! // work

so, I come in to work this morning, after having taken three days off, only to find..
one server's raid card alarm is beeping
our Domain Controller's Network card is not responding (again)

it's like, walk through the door and *wham* you've got two somewhat serious problems as a nice friendly "Welcome back!" waiting for you..

this is why I don't take vacation time. Not that this stuff is normally breaking and I just work to keep it all running. No. Actually very little ever goes wrong on this level while I'm around. It's just that, for some damn reason, anything that can go wrong will just happen to do so while I'm on vacation. I'm honestly a bit scared of what will be wrong when I get back from three weeks off in Jan. whole damn campus might just get turned into a crater by some freak asteroid hit the astronomers missed comming in.

no, wait, that can't happen -- I'd not have anything I'd be expected to fix at that point. :)
Tags: rant, work

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