Lograh (lograh) wrote,

don't know that I'll actually do this // nadruwrini

just finished off another:
cream de' bananna
raspberry juice

initially tried it with 99 banannas instead, but decided that it tasted far too much like rubbing alcohol, so I re-made it with the (admittedly) weaker but more drinkable cream de' bananna. tasty drink, but not quite what I was hoping for. I'll have to try again another time.

still not drunk, though I can feel the alcohol.. a large part of it, though, is the exhaustion. I'm just so damn tired I'm thinking I'll just say 'screw it' to nadruwrini and call this my token post tipping the hat to it, and just go to bed. I'm insanely behind on my picture count and I'm hoping to get a LOT of shooting done tomorrow, which means I'll have to wake up at a reasonable hour, which precludes being up much longer.. As such, I'll just post this and turn in for the night.

good night all, I wish those of you also drinking far more luck with it than I had. a day of riding followed by an evening of conversation have simply done me in. I'm of no use to anyone at this point. the thoughts in my head are refusing to come out for such a trivial ammount of booze, so they'll have to get their moment in the sun some other day.
Tags: blogging while intoxicated

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