Lograh (lograh) wrote,

better late than never, no? // nadruwrini

getting off to a late start, as a result of a most enjoyable evening with cncrt_brunette. But I'm sitting here, I've got a drink, and I'm planning to catch up nicely!

drink for the moment:
1 part Frangelico
1 part Chambord
1 part Godiva chocolate liquer
1 part Amaretto
mix well, dilute with soda water to taste (it's very surupy otherwise)
tastes like a chocolate-cvered nut berry cluster! though I think I may have overdone the frangelico.

drunken thoughts for the moment: not drunk yet

instead, you'll get a mini-recap of my evening so you know why I'm not wasted yet:

went and had dinner at Sac Brewing Company, never been there before and the food was quite tasty. Can't speak to their beer as I was driving, but the sip I had of her Heff was tasty. We then caught a showing of the new Wallace and Gromit flick, was rather enjoyable though not as good as Wrong Trousers. Certainly funny enough in it's own right. Browsed Borders for a short bit, couldn't find the Erotica section to save my life (were the hell would it be? I tried romance and fantasy, neither of them had it, grrr).

all in all, a very enjoyable evening with the most excellent company of cncrt_brunette. good times, indeed.

ah well, I'll go finish this off and get another drink.. will report back shortly.
Tags: blogging while intoxicated

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