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others did it, I'm a lemming incapable of independent thought, so here is the 'other' interests meme:

LJ Interests meme results

  1. books:
    less of an interest these days. Though I still love to be surrounded by them, and I love the smell and feel of books, I'm beginning to have a lesser appreciation for them due to the copious ammounts of space they take up. I'm torn.
  2. conversation:
    sitting down with someone and talking with them is amongst my favorite things to do. I live for the interchange of ideas, the making, debating, and conceding of points. The random blathering on of nothing in particular, and the meaningful moments of personal sharing. Conversation is keen.
  3. diplomacy:
    It's a great game. Tons of fun, and quite challenging. haven't been in the mood to play it recently, but I still like it all the same. Also, it's a good skill to have.
    "The art of telling someone to 'go to hell' and have him look forward to the trip."
    "The art of saying 'nice doggy' untill you can find a big enough rock."
  4. geeks:
    Being somewhat of the geek persuasion, I find the multitudes of varieties of geekhood to be quite fascinating.
  5. learning:
    I am a learning whore. I love to learn. No restrictions on the topic, or relevance to me. I am constantly observing and attempting to learn from the world around me. I jump at any chance I have to grasp a new concept or further explore a more familiar one.
  6. movies:
    Though I'm not a big TV fan, I love the cinema. Cinamatography can be an amazing art, and is a powerful storytelling medium.
  7. photography:
    Though I'm barely a rank amatuer (that is, I'm just starting and my work stinks), I'm quite keen on photography and I wish to further develop my skill. For the moment, expenses restrict this but I'm hoping to change that someday.
  8. self-reliance:
    Wanting anyone else to do anything at all will only lead to dissapointment and suffering. From not being able to make the bills without financial help to hoping the person in front of you in the checkout line will move faster, if you rely on others for happiness or security you will never know either.
  9. tai chi chuan:
    good excersize, beautiful art, effective defense.
  10. used-music stores:
    being a music freak I find great joy in the fact that a used CD sounds just like a new CD (provided it's reasonably well cared for). I don't need to know that I paid more than someone else to listen to certain music in order to enjoy that music, it sounds the same no matter what was paid for it.

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