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fuck! // academia - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 16.Sep.2005

22:32 - fuck! // academia

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they changed the deadline. quoth the form, "Complete semester prior to registration in culminating experience."

well, this changes my spring semester plans somewhat. On the plus side, I can stop pulling out my hair by the handful for a few months. :) Still must keep up intense studying, but it needn't be at the 'suicide' level just yet. On the plus side, I had allready drawn up a secondary plan for spring semester assuming I failed one (or both) of the tests in December. now I'll just use that plan, but without the "do or die" fun of having June be my final attempt at the comps.


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Date:16:42 17.Sep.2005 (UTC)
yeah, for now. This just means that next semester will be even more stressful, though. I'm still able to do a June06 graduation (I hope), but instead of getting to spread the joy over two semesters, I'll just have to do it all in one. Not looking forward to next semester in the least now.
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