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hrmm.. so, let me get this straight.. few years back, there was a ballot measure here in CA that declared marriage as strictly hetrosexual. I tried to motivate people against it, I voted against it, I don't think it's right or fair. I lost. It became law by a rather healthy margin (60something percent in favor of it -- yeah, "CA is liberal" my ass). I'm not happy about it, but that's the way mob rule *ahem* democracy works. I don't make the rules, I just have to live by them (somewhat).
Now, this week our "of the people, for the people" state government legislative branch passes a bill on to the governator that will go through the marriage code and remove any mention of "man and woman" and replace it with "two persons", making marriage gender-neutural.
Am I missing something?

Much though I support a gender-neutural marriage, and I'm happy to see our legislative body willing to pass such a bill (though just barely and in a highly-partisian manner -- something I don't like to see), I don't feel it's their place to pass bills that are in direct opposition to the express will of the people. I don't care how many pollsters are out there gathering accounts of how people have "changed their mind" since voting in favor of that prop so many years ago. It was passed by a majority of the popular vote. It stands in law as the express will of the California population. If they want to change it, there are only two ways they should be allowed to do so:
1) find it contrary to the state constitution
2) pass another proposition, by majority of the popular vote, recinding the previous one.

A few hundred people holed up in a single building should never be allowed to change the laws that were established by the population of the entire state.

most recent news I can find has our governator claiming he'll veto it, but I can't find any story saying he has so I guess it's still up in the air. I hope he does veto it. Sorry if you're upset by this. I assure you, I'm in favor of marriage equality and I feel it is terribly unfair and unjust that our state does not allow any two people who are in love to get married. However, as I mentioned above, this current restriction on marriage is something that over 60% of the state's population approved of. It should not be casually tossed aside by a few legislators and the governor. It is not our government's job to take laws the people pass, and then discard them and replace them with their own laws. American citizens have very little faith in our governmental system as it is, this won't help that situation any.
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