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ups and downs // life

had a wonderful lunch with a wonderful person. Thank you greatly, dotarvi, it was much enjoyed. I hope I didn't keep you too long.

panic is starting to creep in around the edges over the comps. I'm trying to be optimistic and think that I'll pass both, but I'm increasingly of the opinion that I'll be lucky if I even pass one. I'm so fucking toast.

I really ought to wash the car (still haven't named it), but am having difficulties motivating myself for such. Habit creation can be tough.

further reading of politics has made me even more dissapointed in the masses.. I should take a week off from reading politics..

Just switched to AAA for car insurance. paying less now, getting better coverage, lost ability to use complete sentences (or accurately spell homophones). saved hundreds by avoiding Geico. :)

enjoying mixed from bed 5, look forward to final version. has great potential to be the best yet.

my right shoe seems to have a havit of tearing a hole in my socks. bother.

Room needs straightening. like hell that's going to happen.

am becoming increasingly bothered by my lack of creation recently. I have a need to create, to contribute. Particularly in the field of the teaching of mathematics. I have long since wanted, and was reminded by a recent conversation, to create a course of study that would teach mathematics. True mathematics, without any assumed background. Formal, pure math, without having to slog through the useless drivel of Trig, Calc, DiffEq, or even lower Algebra. I've constantly held that none of that is required to approach and understand pure math, I'm becomming increasingly of the opinion that I should "fish or cut bait" on the topic. It's easy to point out problems in a system, to fix them is another matter entirely.
Like the weather, everybody complains....
I want to do this, though. To create a collection of volumes that could introduce, and in fact teach, formal math without assuming a knowledge through calculus. Current texts come close (since math itself makes no such assumption) but they fail in that they do assume calculus and thus use examples from it. It's like they teach this wonderfully pure concept, which has application to everything down to counting the number of cars parked along your street, and then they go and use examples from calculus which no one would possibly understand unless they've studied through that point.
This would, however, be another drain on my time, which I simply cannot afford right now. I need to study, not dream. It will help my studies to be also taking notes for the course idea, but the studying should be primary, not secondary.
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