Lograh (lograh) wrote,

Q: If everyone you knew jumped off a bridge, would you do it to?

A: Well, I wouldn't want to be left out, now would I?

[[10 bands you've seen live ]]
In no order other than the one in which they come to mind.
1. Van Haylen (dull, but nice enough)
2. They Might Be Giants ("remember: safty first, conga second!")
3. CMU (Perhaps my favorite band. top ten at least)
4. Metallica (sucked ass)
5. UberKunst (another fav, more for their shows than their music, though)
6. Moe!kstra (nothing quite like his work -- it's plain genius)
7. Little Tin Frog (they were great untill her b/f joined. then they went downhill)
8. Mac Swanky Trio (they actually use Kazoos and an upright Bass!)
9. 'Wierd Al' Yankovich (love this man's comedy!)
10. Crawl Unit (very minimalist, very good)

[[09 things you're looking forward to doing]]
Not that I might ever do any of these, but I would like to.
1. Riding my bike more
2. Re-visitng Munich
3. Visiting the rest of Germany
4. Getting better at German for my trips there
5. Backpacking more
6. Getting out of debt
7. Roadtrips with friends
8. Staying at a monastary for a while
9. Moving out from my current place

[[08 things you wear daily]]
1. My ring I found
2. Clothing of some sort
3. Underwear
4. Sandals (though occasionally shoes if needed)
5. Socks (yes, I'm one of those freaks who wears socks with sandals)
6. Depending on the weather, hat or no-hat.
7. Glasses, while I'm looking at a computer screen
8. That's about it, sorry I just don't wear 8 things daily (only 7 right now)

[[07 things that annoy you]]
1. The average U.S. citizenry
2. The government elected by said citizenry
3. The laws enacted by said government
4. The injustices caused by said laws
5. The lifestyle forced on us through said injustices
6. The average citizenry created by said lifestyle
7. The fact that I can't move yet (and the knowledge it wouldn't be much better anywhere else).

[[06 things you touch every day]]
1. Keys
2. Air
3. My toothbrush
4. My clothes
5. My blanket
6. Food

[[05 things you do every day]]
1. Brush my teeth
2. Eat
3. Breathe
4. Sit
5. Not-think

[[04 people you'd want to spend more time or hang out with]]
Hell, everyone on my LJ friends list (except the community, of course). I don't get to see you all anywhere near enough.
1. Kevin (Lost touch after High School)
2. Josh (went into the Army)
3. Josh (I went to college, he went to work)
4. Ben

[[03 movies you could watch over and over]]
1. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
2. Pi
3. Brazil

[[02 of your favorite songs at this moment]]
Only 2? I've mentioned how much music is a part of my life, haven't I?
1. SNOG - Cliche (or just about anything from the _Remote Control_ album)
2. Mu-Ziq - Autumn Acid (or, again, just about anything from the _Royal Astronomy_ album)

[[01 person you could spend the rest of your life with]]
1. While I have been fortunate enough to find many people I look forward to knowing for the rest of my life, I realize that this question is meant more in the "marriage" type of context in which case I would have to say that I shall get back to you on this one once I have lived my life.

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