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grrrrr.. // today

SUVs suck. particularly the nice shiney ones without a speck of dirt on them that never go off-road or even come close to using the abilities of the 4-wheel drive they claim to have. Seriously, get a car that's appropriate to your driving habits! Got stuck behind one of the fuckers today (decided to go on a nice little drive through some foothills -- single-lane twisty up-and-down roads, the perfect type to go careening through).. a lexus number, practically blinding in it's shineyness.. kept braking far more than needed and never managed to get above 55, even on the straight downhills! yuppy bastard, what's the point of having over 200hp if you're not going to use it?! and why buy a vehicle so prone to tipping over when you plan on driving twisty hilly roads?? GAH!!!

in other news, my garbarge collecting (yes yes, I know you don't want to hear about it -- I haven't mentioned it in some time so just suffer the random update) is becomming easier these days.. I suppose it says a lot about the society when the percentage of trash I pick up within 50ft of the trash can is climbing.. got a cup today that was left not even 10' from the nearest trash can. :( makes me sad, that.

had dinner at a local brewery (though I doubt I'll continue calling it that as they no longer brew any of their beers on-site).. one of the TVs was tuned to a news channel that was doing a marathon coverage of the hurricane issue.. makes me wonder why people continue living in areas so frequently pounded by hurricanes.. sure, they'll say the same thing about CA and earthquakes.. but, yo, this town I'm in hasn't had a notable earthquake in quite a few years, and earthquakes don't leave entire towns (counties, even) destroyed.. can someone PLEASE explain to me the mentality of those who choose to remain living in areas that get hit year after year by hurricanes? I'll grant that for some, there is no choice. they can't afford to move (indeed, can barely afford to stay where they are), and were born into the situation. Fine, they're stuck and that sucks. truly, my compassion goes out to them and I wish for minimal damage to their life.. But I can't believe those folk are the only ones living in hurricane territory (and yes, I know this one isn't hitting the same path as others, I'm speaking in a more general sense here).. It's the same way I don't move into neighborhoods that are known for having weekly shootings, ya don't move to a town that gets hit yearly by hurricanes.

I dunno.. maybe it's just me.. maybe I'm expecting too much from people..
Tags: blogging while intoxicated, life, observances, rant

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