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attention administrators of the world // work ranting

you do not need a PDF for a FUCKING PICTURE! Web browsers need to load a plugin to display a PDF, wheras they can display a picture natively. Not everyone will have this plugin installed, and even if they do it could very well introduce a considerable delay, even on moderatly fast systems. If the entire PDF you are using is just one lone picture, don't use a PDF just link to the picture. If it is just one picture with a little bit of text underneath it, don't use a PDF just link to a webpage with the picture and some text. Just post the picture in a normal everyday webpage. That way the page displays faster, it downloads faster, and people can get the information faster. Further, *everyone* will be assured to have access to the information, since they are using a web browser to view your webpage in the first place. And note, PDFs are not entirely accessable. Screen readers may not be able to describe the PDF, but if you use a web page for the picture you can have a properly encoded alt tag for the screen readers to be able to accurately describe the picture.

PDF does not equal WWW!!!


Oh, and as a side-note, if you *ever* like to anything other than a web page (like a PDF, for example) warn people what you are linking to. It's quite bothersome to click on a link and find my computer suddenly pause while it loads up some special plugin to handle what you linked to.
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