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busybusy // work - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 24.Aug.2005

17:41 - busybusy // work

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today was so frelling busy! just insane ammounts of productivity.. I think I was not working for a grand total of about 15 minutes today when I ran off to grab my lunch (breadsticks from round table -- yummy and filling!), which was brought back to the office and nibbled on throughout the remainder of the day..

and I seem to have decided to reduce greatly my caffeine intake this week.. only one 20oz soda yesterday and some sips of tea, today the entirety of my caffeine intake consisted of... er... give me a moment, I'll think of something.. er.. two pieces of chocolate! that's all the caffiene I've had.. I've just been too damn busy to get a headache from the withdrawls..

good thing I actually showed up close to on time today.. tomorrow won't be any better, either.



Date:15:18 26.Aug.2005 (UTC)


I emailed you, but countmockula told me you were terrible at getting to emails, so I thought I'd poke at you here, too... I'm leaving town in three weeks (ish) and I'd love to see you before I go.

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Date:15:21 26.Aug.2005 (UTC)

Re: Hey!

hey, yes! I got the email, and left it marked unread to remind me to respond to it.. Sorry I haven't yet, I suck.. yes, we must get together.. emails shall be sent.
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