Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I've reached a new low // life

so yeah, I've been making my own coffee in the mornings this month. I need caffiene (addiction and all) and it's fscking expensive to buy a $5 espresso drink every morning (budget this month is insanely tight). The only coffee preparation stuff I have is from Turkish coffee, though, and that takes forever.. So I'm doing an abbreviated brewing. Bring the water close to a simmer, dump in grounds and sugar, let sit while I eat a bowl of cereal ('bout 5 minutes or so), strain into cup (I have a little cup-sized strainer for tea). So yeah, this morning I used an overfull grinder's worth of grounds ('bout 3/4 a cup) and got a totall of half my coffee mug of coffee (close to a cup) as a result. almost as much grounds as water this time! nice dark colour to the water, tastes fairly good also.
still not quite Turkish, it's the wrong kind of beans (ground wrong also) and not the complete brewing cycle, but it's not bad all the same.

(really should finish that "coffee" icon I was working on a while back...)
Tags: gastronomy, life

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