Lograh (lograh) wrote,

one last question // memeage

I suppose it means there's not much about me that people want to know and don't know allready. I thought there was one other question, but someone went back and changed his/her answers (LJ doesn't let me see the previous answers, and poll answers are not emailed to me like comments, so there's no record) so I'm not sure if I managed to get them all or not. But there is one left that I can see and I haven't yet answered, so here it is:

What do you love about yourself?
hrmm.. well, I've so far managed to have pretty good luck with my immune system.. I still come down with the occasional nasty flu or somesuch, but overall it's done pretty good for me. so I guess I like that..
I dunno. I don't really *LOVE* anything about me. there's quite a bit about me that seems to work pretty well, and lets me get through life reasonably.. there's also quite a bit about me that is a serious cause for concern, but again it's nothing unreasonable -- all things considered.
Tags: about me, memeage

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