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wow, didn't expect that // life

so, I went on a little drive today to visit with my dad and his familly for a bit. we had a nice short ride, and sat around visiting for a few hours, and then I had to come home (other obligations). what I didn't expect, though, was how much fun I actually had driving down there and back. Well, mostly back. I was playing little games with the Priuses I saw, driving along side them, getting behind them, getting in front of them. Just generally goofing off. Then another Civic Hybrid came up behind me and went around and I was all, "ohh, another one!".. so he and I had some fun zooming along. merging around slower traffic in the middle lane by going on either side of it (what's worse than being passed going uphill by a hybrid? being passed going uphill ON BOTH SIDES by hybrids! hehe), just cruising along in the fast lane one after the other. Again, just general goofing off. :) lost him after the toll booth, but it was fun for a while.

otherwise, an uneventfull trip. hellacious traffic comming back, none at all going down there. It was quite nice, though. I think I may actually enjoy driving with this car. :)
Tags: car

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