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didn't expect that // finances

so, checking some insurance quotes (with one of the car choices, just for consistency across quotes so I could accurately compare companies), I decided to check out Progressive, AAA, and Geico. Figured they were reasonably large companies, and my preconcieved notions of the companies (though ultimately incorrect) had them at each end of the scale and one between.

One suprise was that AAA came in the least expensive for comparable coverage as the other two. By quite a bit, at that. Progressive was the middle ground (I thought it would be the most), and the big suprise for me was with GEICO being the most expensive! Here I thought they were supposed to be cheap, and they even claimed to have a special discounted rate for Mensa members, yet they were significantly more expensive than the other two (almost 50% more than AAA), and for less coverage!

Yeah, quite the suprise that. I'd allways pictured Geico as some sort of "cutting every corner to offer the lowest price" kind of company. Wasn't sure I'd go with them even if they were the lowest, but now to know they are actually the highest turns things around quite a bit.

Also, before it gets mentioned, yes AAA requires membership to get insurance through them. I've been a member of them before when I last drove regularly (it has been known to happen) and have actually used their service and I planned on signing back up when I got this car anyway, so the membership requirement isn't a big deal. For others not planning on being a member in the first place, the added cost and hassle is something to consider. For me, it was on the to-do list before I even considered AAA for insurance (honestly, didn't know they offer it, my roomate said he gets his through them and he's quite pleased with them).
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