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the further adventures // finances - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 05.Aug.2005

19:59 - the further adventures // finances

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So yeah, for the curious, it's a policy Golden One has now. New accounts have to wait 24 hours till they can apply for a loan. No processing wait or anything, just a general stalling period. Downtown branch I went to isn't open on weekends, so the earliest the lady there would have numbers for me would be Monday.

So yeah, no second loan offer for me. I'll just have to ask the dealership what they can offer and take the best of the two.

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Date:6:32 06.Aug.2005 (UTC)

Fear me!

I strongly urge you not to go with the dealership. They're looking ot make the most money off the deal and will offer you something that will fit them. Also they'll do the whole "we can get you into a car for $200/month." But they don't tell you the fine print and all that other crap.

Please check out other credit unions. It would be wise to wait 24 hours or twice that before going to the dealership empty-handed.
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