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Thank you, Golden One, for having such a wonderful sence of history that you insist on using banking procedures from the 1800's.

So, yeah, I went to Golden One this morning to see what they could offer in the way of an auto loan. They said that I needed to have an account with them before they could take my application for an auto loan. I feel this is somewhat silly, but I was half-expecting it so I asked how much the minimum ammount was to open an account. $2, says he. "Just two dollars to open the account, and I can take your application for an auto loan and we can call you tomorrow morning with the answer." Wait. What was that? Call me tomorrow morning? I ask him and he clarifies that there's a 24 hour processing period associated.

24 hours? I was able to get a quote from WellsFargo in under 24 minutes (actually, it was closer to 15min), and they didn't care if I had an account or not! The only thing that would have changed if I had an account is when I decided to take their offer I could agree to have the monthly payment automatically pulled from my account and it would cut my interest rate by about .25%, otherwise they didn't give a shit that I had an account (never even asked, in fact, I brought it up hoping for a lower rate and he said it didn't matter).

So yeah, not only did I wind up being an hour later to work than normal (fucking banks don't open till 9 these days), but I would have to wait till tomorrow to get any kind of numbers out of them. As well as having to open an account with them before they would even consider my application!

Sorry, but no. I will agree to open an account with a bank as part of the loan process, but only if I choose to accept their loan offer. I won't give them my money, and deal with all the associated time and paperwork, simply to get the privilage of filling out more paperwork and have them offer me a loan based on that. Who the fuck do they think they are? There are other banks out there who are perfectly willing to approve me for an auto loan without my having to pay them first, I'm not going to treat Golden One any differently. And what's with this 24 hour bullshit? Here's how I expect it should work:
Him: You need an account with us, minimum $2.
Me: Here's $2 cash.
Him: Great, welcome to Golden One. Now, let's get you approved for a loan.
(30 minutes later)
Him: Here are your numbers.
Me: Thank you.

That's the most that should be needed. Granted, I'd still not be happy about having to open the account before they consider my loan application, but at least I'd walk away from the experiance with another loan option instead of having nothing to show for it besides being an hour later for work.

So, three banks checked and only one loan offer so far. WaMu doesn't even do auto loans and Golden One refuses to acknowledge you exist if you're not a 'member'. This is turning into far more hassle than I like to have in my life.

On a related note, I found it somewhat discouraging yesterday, given that I'm currently dealing with some frustration regarding purchasing a car, that I saw two accidents based on people being incompetant twits and not knowing how to properly pilot a car. Doesn't exactly make me want to start driving one, that. :)
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