Lograh (lograh) wrote,

yup, I'm an idiot // work

so yeah, we've got a virus-scanning program we use at work, and it's standard procedure to have it set to automatically update itself every day. Works great, no virii get through, everyone's nice and protected.

'cept one thing.

Turns out this daily updating only updates the bare-bones functionality of the program and the minimal virus awareness of teh scanner. it doesn't get the various updates that might be made available for the program to fix secondary things. Minor things, really. Things like the system grinding to a halt and eventually crashing becuase of this piece of bloatware crap excuse for a virus scanner!


a co-worker pointed out to me that they're up to patch 10 now (he also was caught blindsided by this revelation). I get to spend the next week running tests on the distributed install of these across the client systems and then setting up the regular updates when new patches come out. There's no way I'm doing this by hand on every desktop and every lab station. Even with the student assistant help it'd be a bear of a job, and there's still the issue of regular application of new patches as they come out. it's just all easier if I can get the distributed install set up right from the start.
Tags: tech, work

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