Lograh (lograh) wrote,

advice and anecdotes sought // request

Have good memories of a particular type of car? Bad ruminations of another model? Know about a specific make or model of car that stands out from the rest in either a bad or a good way?

I'm looking to purchase a vehicle within two weeks or so, and am in the last stages of research and data gathering. Now's when I want to hear from people the "oh, get this!" or "definately avoid that" kind of opinions. To help narrow the focus I'm aiming for something from the 13-21k range. new or used isn't a significant driving factor (though it is being considered). Reliability is king, with "nift" being a comfortable second. Fuel economy is being given heavy consideration.

In other words, I don't care how good a Lexus is supposed to be, it doesn't fit the price range. SUV's are not being considered as I do not find them in any way nift and they get shitty mileage. Domestic cars have a huge black mark against them reliability-wise, but if you know of some gems that avoid this fate I'd like to hear of them.

Additionally, if you know anything at all about the following I'd appreciate those words:
Civic (hybrid or normal)

if you think I left some models out that fit the types of cars on that list, also let me know. I'm sure I likely overlooked quite a few.
Tags: car, consumerism, life, questions
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