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level 10 completed, elapsed time 11:27 // linkage - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 21.Jul.2005

16:32 - level 10 completed, elapsed time 11:27 // linkage

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Yeah, I'm seriously addicted to this game right now. Very fun puzzle solving game. Ever looked at a plate of spaghetti and appreciated the tangled mess that it is? This game is like that, you're presented with a tangled mess of lines, and you are supposed to straighten it by moving the points that connect them around. Yeah, that was a horrible way of describing it. It's an easy to understand concept that can lead to many hours lost.



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Date:23:55 21.Jul.2005 (UTC)

I need to learn to NOT click to sites you post. DAMN! And I thought I would get out of here at a decent time....

I'm stopping for now but ONLY because there is a lot of work to do. DAMN! Addicting does not even begin to describe. I can't imagine Level 10! For another day...
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Date:0:12 22.Jul.2005 (UTC)
I got to level 8 a bit ago. I played yesterday, before there was a restore option.
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