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Music = Life // mobloging - Lograh — LiveJournal

Saturday, 09.Jul.2005

22:44 - Music = Life // mobloging

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Music = Life // mobloging
Originally uploaded by lograh.



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Date:18:30 10.Jul.2005 (UTC)


when was this taken? and Where? Art walk?
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Date:0:22 11.Jul.2005 (UTC)

Re: ???

hrmm.. this one was actually posted within minutes of taking (as most the 'mobloging' shots are), so the when was 10:44 last night. I was sitting at 48th st. light rail station waiting to go home, having headed there after walking mom home. She was really happy to see you and Kara, by the way. As was I. I hope the showing went well for you.
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