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instant blogger, just add alcohol!!~ // Blogging while intoxicated


oops, missed the 'shift' key on the 'w' there..

Yeah, I'm intoxicated.. 'bout friggin' time, to.... So, I went to this bar, I aske for a long island (y'all are just going to have to suffer tthe random typoes -- I'm still correcting so fucking many that I don't want to bother with the minor ones) iced tea and the barkeep .. er.. bartender (doesn't really fit the def. of 'barkeep' these days, to they?) gives me something that is more watered down than kool-aid... I drink it, but ask for something stronger for my next drink... still weak ass shit, so I give him some hints and he finally makes a drink I can respect.. two of those later, here I am.. I can walk, and (mostly) type, but I'm very WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I have no point to this post... as the subject says, instant blogger! :) hehe..

I suppose this is LiveJournal, so it wouldn't be a complete post without some pointless self-centered fucking drama.. so, uhh... ....
yeah, I went to the bar because I know this one gal who works there.. she's so hot, but, like, we could never work out as a relationship, and I think we both know this.. it's hella fun to flirt with her, though.. 'cause I've known her for a while and I've met her boyfriend (really cool guy, they make the cutest couple), and it's all cool.. but she still is fun to flirt with recreationally.. that's one thing I miss in my life.. I used to have a few gals I could recreationally flirt with.. you know, the kind of flirting where you both know that nothing will ever happen but you still have fun making the innuendoes (rememmber what I said up there about leaving in the typoes -- yeah, you figure out what the hell the word is) and going through the motions..

I've had the headphones on for about 5 minuets now, and haven't started any music yet.. I feel like a ninny..

so yeah, I kinda miss that.. the familiarity level that comes with knowing someone attractive at just the right ammount that you can talk freely about the attraction, but not feel that it might adversely effect that person's more serious relationships. I don't have many of those type of relatinoships in my life, and I do so enjoy those that I do have.

so yeah, there's some nice LJ drama.... hrmm.. still intoxicated, what else shall I talk about? :)

yeah, so I was talking with serenica69 (damn, I don't know the numbers for shit!) the other night and she convinced me to just get off my ass and type up a personals add for craigslist (see! this IS related to the last topic! boo-yah!)., hrmm.. period or comma?? can't decide, so I used them both! :) yeah, anyways..... so I'm thinking of just what to put in it.. I'm thinking it needs to somehow manage to convey just what makes me, personally, a good choice for an add to answer.. granted, I want it to still be realistic, though, so I'm also stuck putting in stuff that makes it clear that mine is not a good add to answer.. therin lies the rub, trying to strike a compromise between sounding like a total asshole and a nice guy.. somehow conveying both..
then there's the picture, I haven't even begun to think about how to get that one..

ah well,... that's enough typing for now.. more to come later, like next time I go out! :)

g'night all!

damn.. still have the headphones on, still no music!!! I suck!
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