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admittedly, there are some duplicates // life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 04.Jul.2005

12:35 - admittedly, there are some duplicates // life

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after many weeks of failed attempts, and days of file copying, and untold hours of racking my brain to figure this beast out, I finally get to see this (from any itunes in the house, even):

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Date:2:56 05.Jul.2005 (UTC)
that's okay, I have an arrangement with the tech over in the music department to get a copy of his library. He has over 50k titles so far, and he's stalled because he ran out of disks after the third terabyte (the music freaks insist on encoding at 360kbps, I'll be re-encoding them to a more reasonable level when I copy them). :)
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